June 9, 2022

It’s not for you….

Actually, it’s not for you…

If you’ve been thinking lately about planning ahead for that which is truly inevitable, your funeral, then let me commend you for thinking about this reality. More than a handful of people I have the opportunity to assist in this conversation really don’t want a funeral. Or memorial service. Or celebration of life… And then I have to remind them, 

                                                            “Actually, it’s not for you…”

The memorial service, funeral, or celebration of life; whatever you wish to call it, is really not for the one whose life we’re there to celebrate. The service is for the family and friends who have been left behind. No one wants to lose anyone… anytime. The harsh reality is we will, though, and when that happens the funeral services are provided to allow your friends, your family’s friends, coworkers, family and a long list of others to share their concerns and condolences with the family left behind.

The funeral might be in your honor and intended to remember you, but actually, it’s not for you… 

Keep that thought in mind the next time you talk with someone about you not being around. Even if you just want to be cremated, folks still need a time and place to find comfort, peace, and a gentle hug from someone who knows you’re already being missed.