septiembre 13, 2022

We’ve entered a new time…

Almost two weeks ago Memorial Funeral Services, Inc. entered into a new time and new era. For many years we operated as a prearrangement group assisting individuals and families by making their funeral

arrangements well in advance of them actually needing the services. Now we have crossed over into a new realm and as of September 1st, we were officially licensed to operate in Hemet CA as a licensed mortuary and funeral home. As we embarked on this journey about a year ago, we never thought it would take us so long to arrive at our opening, but here we are, and we are thankful and blessed to be able to further serve our community and families.


I have literally stood at the graveside of hundreds of individuals for almost 15 years being in this industry. I can’t even recall how many services I’ve personally officiated. People often ask me how and/or why I’ve continued to work here, and without hesitation I’ve shared if there ever comes a day that assisting families no longer brings a tear to my eye, I need to stop. I’ve come to realize from my experience that lives are precious, and the celebration of those lives is even more precious when they’ve left loved ones behind.


Too many today are concerned about just getting cremated and my hope, prayer, and responsibility is to help those who survive realize the life of the one who’s left them is much more important than simple cremation. Funerals are a time for saying goodbye, reflection upon a life well lived, and allowing those around the surviving family to express their condolences and to let the family know they will be there when the road is difficult.


No one ever really likes to go to a funeral, visit the funeral home, and I have yet to find anyone Christmas shopping at the mortuary. What I have discovered though is there comes a time in all of our lives when the road is steep, and you simply need a helping hand and clear voice of reason to help you navigate those times. That’s why we’re here… to help you, and the friends and family you know, and love, walk through those darker times into the light. We would be honored to serve you or someone you know in ways previously not possible.