May 25, 2022

The Conversation

For nearly 15 years I’ve been working with individuals and families as they begin to have a conversation with their loved ones. It isn’t the easiest conversation to have, and frankly, virtually no one even wants to talk about the topic. The conversation to which I’m referring is about your funeral or at least your wishes about how you’d like to be cared for following your death.

There really are only two options unless you’re one of the rare individuals who fall off a cruise ship in the ocean and are never recovered. The first and most popular selection in SoCal today is the option for cremation. There are a few other considerations for one’s actual funeral service, but in the end, cremation is the selected option for many. The second option is for one to have a very traditional casketed service and following funeral visitations and services, you’re taken to a local cemetery for your final resting place.

“So, which is the best, and how can I know which is the right selection for me?”

Herein lies the challenge in having this conversation. I could right a book about the varying ways in which those two simple questions have been answered by folks just like you… And the reality is, there was never a wrong answer. On occasion when I’ve had the privilege of serving a couple, one will look at the other and state rather emphatically, “I’m sure you want to be cremated!” and low and behold, they were wrong!

What I’m really wanting you to recognize is the importance of just having the conversation and making some basic plans. If you don’t, then you’re going to leave the ones you love wondering for the remainder of their lives, “Did we do what he/she wanted?” and “Did we do the right thing?” And if you don’t answer these two simple questions for them, they’ll never know.

I’m Ed Bush with Memorial Funeral Services and I’ve assisted literally thousands of individuals begin this conversation and find some answers for themselves and their families. Give me a call at (619) 942-1994, or drop me a note at  I would be honored to assist you and your family.