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Memorial Funeral Services, serving with Compassion

A permanent resting place should bring peace.

This is hard enough. Creating a beautiful space to remember your loved one is not something you'll have to stress about.

Burial services are an important element of healing, and where you choose to lay your loved one to rest becomes a part of your family’s life. We can guide you in selecting the perfect space and designing a memorial marker to honor their memory for generations. 

Services that meet your needs.

We offer a number of affordable burial service options. They range from simple burials overseen by a single staff member, to graveside services led by a minister or celebrant, to traditional funeral services followed by burial. Each can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of you and your family. 

Burial services are also an option for those who choose cremation. 

Why a burial service?

A graveside ceremony can be a powerful healing event for those who choose burial. The ritual of a traditional burial allows for acceptance of loss and can act as the first step in the healing process. The act of witnessing the final disposition of a loved one can have a profound and positive effect on those grieving. 

A permanent place to return to does more than create a space for family and friends to visit and honor their loved one’s memory. It creates a place for others to learn about someone who held an important space in the world and in other’s hearts, for generations to come. And to be surrounded by the beauty of nature under the open sky can be a peaceful and comforting way to celebrate the life of a loved one. 

We're here to help

Please reach out with any questions or to learn more about burial options.