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In the tapestry of life, death is an inevitable thread that weaves its way into the fabric of our existence. While discussing final arrangements may seem uncomfortable, embracing proactivity in this aspect of life can be a profound gift to yourself and your loved ones. Being proactive in planning for your final arrangements allows you […]

Prearranging one’s funeral is a thoughtful and considerate decision that holds significant importance for the family left behind. This proactive step not only demonstrates a sense of responsibility but also provides invaluable support to grieving loved ones during an emotionally challenging time. Foremost, prearranging a funeral enables individuals to exercise control over the financial aspects […]

Planning a memorial service involves careful consideration of various aspects to ensure that it appropriately honors and remembers the individual. Here are five important considerations:   Define the purpose of the memorial service. Is it a formal funeral, a celebration of life, or a more casual gathering? Understanding the tone will guide decisions regarding the […]

Having been in the funeral business for nearly 15 years, I am always honored to serve the family, and yet saddened at the same time. This coming Saturday I have been asked to officiate a funeral service for a dear friend’s mother who passed away recently. I’ve totally lost count of how many services I’ve […]

You’ve seen them on TV just like me. Those amazing commercials advertising that you, too, can have a guaranteed issued insurance plan that will pay for your funeral and final expenses. For only $5.00 a week or $9.95 a month you can get your plan…  What they don’t tell you is that you’re going to […]

For nearly 15 years I’ve been working with individuals and families as they begin to have a conversation with their loved ones. It isn’t the easiest conversation to have, and frankly, virtually no one even wants to talk about the topic. The conversation to which I’m referring is about your funeral or at least your […]